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All Free software, Paid versions will have more features...

Yaesu Updates are available from Yaesu.com

WSJT-X 1.7 Development 

Download Ham Radio Deluxe

Download LOG4OM v1.25 here:


Download WSPR-2 here:

Download TruTTY 2.95 here:  Navtex, sitor amtor

Download Grig 0.8.3 here: CAT Control 

Download WSJT-X Here

Download LOG4OM Portable

Download WINPSK v2.13 here:very simple.....

Download WSPR-4 here:

Download N1MM plus 

Download Digipan v2.0 here: PSK  Program 

Dimension-4 JT65

Download Fldigi here:

Download Airlink express here: PSK Decoding Program

Download ROS 7.3.2  here:

Download OMNI-RIG 

Download free version of WSPR-X here:

Download Chirp  here: 

Download SDR# here:

All C4FM gateways and Repeaters in UK June 2016

Download  FREE-DV here:

Download MMSSTV here

Download free version of MixW 3.2 here: