Stealthy washing line


Well yesterday and today I was testing the a stealth antenna which looked to all intents and purposes like a washing line (hihi) took out my trusty choke (ugly balun) to stop RF entering the shack made up a 40m 1/2 wave dipole and set it up in the NVIS style about 6ft off the ground hoping to make some inter-g contacts at least, attached the LDG100 pro ATU and dropped the power to 5w ( a must for testing antenna's ),  to my surprise found it could tune most bands below 40m and below including the WARC bands but had issues with 6m band....hardly a surprise but hay-ho... So fired up the JT65 software and started to transmit on 40m using JT65 not much response but it had been a bad week for 40m during the day so I decided to try 20m instead....After a couple of minutes even on 5w it was obvious I was being heard.... see video here:

M1PAC  re-tuning