M0SGS Biography

Biography of M0SGS

Born in 1958, and using radio since 1974 as an Army radio operator with the 8th Signals Regiment 74-76 and later a Specialist Data telegraphist with 233 Signal squadron in HQNI I then left the Services in 1978 and moved back to Leeds.

After 10 years of self employment as both an Electrician and Alarm installer I landed a Job in the emerging I.T. industry in which I had a varied and exciting career until in late 2006 when my wife became disabled, I then left the IT industry to become her full time carer.

In the 1990s my good friend M1PAC and I Attended Leeds University City and Guilds Amateur radio course but due to work commitments I had to leave the course and M1PAC (Phil) stayed and Passed..... In 2012 M1PAC approached me to try Amateur radio again and in June of that year I passed the foundation course... In July of 2014 I passed the Intermediate and in June 2015 I managed to get my Advanced licence.

Although I am no longer a member, I would still say Rod (G8AQH) of Otley ARS is a great teacher, perfect if you want to progress to the next level, the support and encouragement I received from the membership has led in no small part to the fact that I am now a Full Licence holder.

Why Amateur Radio

In the advent of today's technology why do you want to use something like radio. Because its where most of today's technology started and probably where most of tomorrow's technology will come from..... Consider today's mobile phone its a radio plain and simple, without Amateur radio it may never have been invented, WI-FI is radio, Most remote controls from Car to Quadcopter use radio waves, most of Yesterday's, Today's and Tomorrows Space travel relies on Radio. Consider where this world would be without it... food for thought. Now imagine if the internet disappeared overnight what would we use to send messages and emails yes you guessed it RADIO. I am an Amateur Radio Enthusiast I'm not stuck in the past, I'm helping to invent the FUTURE.....