Email Reply

Hello People,

Received an email this morning decided to reply to it here....

Q,"Hi Stuart been on CQ-UK and have enjoyed the technical chats, but why do people have to talk about the problems and health and none radio related stuff".

A, Hello well I dont see as there being a problem with amateurs chatting about everything and anything, for some its possibly the only outside contact they may get on a day to day basis...... and as the description of the room suggests its a Chat and Helpdesk, not all of us have the ability to talk for hours on a technical level...But I feel its good to just communicate and make sure whoever joins the room is made to feel welcome, no matter what they have to say.... after all the hobby is primarily about communication.....there are plenty of technical rooms set up on the Wires-X system if this is your preference, I for one move around from time to time if a QSO is of no interest to me, its very rare though.........

Kindest regards